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In alphabetical order:
[Adrian James Acoustics] [Acentech] [ALTERNATIVE] [AMS Acoustics] [AREP] [ARUP] [AVLS] [Audio Data Lab] [Bauphysik 5] [Chalmers] [CHRG] [Clarity] [University of Colorado ] [Duran Audio] [Emil Berliner Studios] [Environmental Acoustics, Inc.] [Harris Grant Associates] [Hilson Moran] [Griesinger] [Lake] [LBP] [Level Acoustics] [LIMSI] [NASA] [NTNU] [NTUST] [PTB] [Rahe-Kraft GbR] [Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)] [Sonus] [Sound Space Design] [SRL] [Talaske] [WCL] [Wenger[WSP Akustik] [ÅF-Infrastructure AB]

Adrian James Acoustics (UK)

Acentech Inc. (US)


AMS Acoustics (UK)


Arup Acoustics (UK, US, AU)

Audio Data Lab (SE)


Bauphysik 5 (DE)

Chalmers Room Acoustics Group (SE)

Clarity (FR)

Concert Hall Research Group (US)

University of Colorado (US)

Duran Audio (NL)

Emil Berliner Studios, Deutsche Grammophon GmbH (DE)

Environmental Acoustics, Inc. (US)

Flight Management and Human Factors Division,NASA Ames Research Center (US)

Griesinger, David (US)

Harris Grant Associates (UK)

Hilson Moran Partnership Ltd - Acoustics (UK)

Lake Technology (AU)


LBP is an independent consulting engineers firm in the area of acoustics, building physics, noise control and environmental control. LBP works on a wide variety of projects and employs app. 35 consulting engineers. The Product Group Room and Electro Acoustics is active in the acoustic design of concert halls, theatres, auditoriums, etc. It also designs sound systems for these venues as well for airports, mosques, etc. and designs systems for variable acoustics.

Level Acoustics  (NL)

Level Acoustics is a company in the Laboratorium voor Akoestiek of the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). The company was formed in 2006. The mission of Level Acoustics is to disseminate knowledge in the field of architectural acoustics. We do this by organizing master classes, by presenting workshops and courses, by conducting research, and by participating in inspiring projects.


NTNU, Trondheim Akustikk, Elektro (NO)


Architectural Acoustics, Room Acoustics, Noise and Vibration Control, Research Methods fo Environmental Technology, Environmental Control Systems


Rahe - Kraft GbR (DE)
  • Rahe-Kraft GbR is an independent consultancy specialising in the design of sound systems for events and unusual requirements.
    The founders combine their years of experience in live-sound engineering with the use of CATT to design systems which meet the requirements of the event business.  They are also specialized in the use of line-arrays.

    Services are:

    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (US)

    Sonus (NL)

    CATT-Acoustic use, sample project

    Sound Space Design (UK)

    Consultants and designers in the acoustics of concert halls, theatres, interesting spaces and soundscapes of all kinds.  We bring to our design work the experience and technical means to put you in an environment before it is built – to let you hear what a hall will sound like before it is built, or even completely designed.  For over 25 years Essert has been leading the development and application of  physics and psychoacoustics modelling to the building design process, and honed the modelling process for accuracy and relevance.  Recently the SSD team have been developing greater accuracy and cost effectiveness and a more streamlined links to design.  CATT-Acoustic is an important part of our system, working  as a front end that drives our quick-to-apply auralisation in our SoundSpace studio and enables us to sketch with sound.

    SRL Technical Services Ltd  (UK)

    SRL is the
    longest running acoustic consultancy in the UK - we have been in practice for over 40 years. During this time we have been involved in many major developments in the UK and worldwide. We bring the experience from these projects to all of our work. Our capabilities are broad, ranging from planning, performance prediction, design, inspection, troubleshooting, laboratory and site measurement and commissioning. Indeed anything where noise and vibration is an issue. More latterly we have increased our capabilities to air tightness and BREEAM assessments.

    We have a UKAS accredited test laboratory at our head office in Suffolk.

    Sample SRL model

    The Talaske Group Inc. (US)

    WCL Audio Group (GR)

    Wenger Corporation (US)

    WSP Akustik (SE)

    ÅF-Infrastrucure AB (SE)

    Sockholm Swedbank arena

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