Conference papers

Scattering distributions in geometrical acoustics
Bengt-Inge Dalenbäck, CATT, Forum Acusticum, Aalborg, Denmark 2011
(available on request including animated illustrations)
Engineering principles and techniques in room acoustics prediction
B.-I. Dalenbäck, CATT, BNAM, Bergen Norway, May 2010
Paper PDF (1590 kB)  
PowerPoint presentation (1109 kB)

Characterizing rooms regarding reverberation time prediction and the sensitivity to absorption and scattering coefficient accuracy
B.-I. Dalenbäck, CATT, Sarah G. Brown, RPG Diffusor Systems, Inc., ASA Baltimore, April 2010
PowerPoint presentation (1115 kB)

Real Time Walkthrough Auralization - The First Year (about CATT-Walker)
B.-I. Dalenbäck CATT, M. Strömberg Valeo Graphics, IOA Copenhagen, May 2006
Paper PDF (618kB)    PowerPoint presentation (909 kB)

The Rediscovery of Diffuse Reflection in Room Acoustics Prediction
Bengt-Inge Dalenbäck, CATT, ASA Cancoun, December 2002

PowerPoint presentation (including font used if not installed on your system)

Verification of Prediction Based on Randomized Tail-Corrected Cone-Tracing and Array Modeling
B.-I. Dalenbäck, CATT, 137th ASA/2nd EAA, Berlin, March 1999

Reverberation time, diffuse reflection, Sabine, and computerized prediction
Html article from from 2002/v7.2 but still useful.

For additional papers related to the prediction and auralization methods in CATT-Acoustic and auralization in general see Chalmers Room Acoustics Group and the Download area.

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