- CATT-Acoustic Use at The Talaske Group, Inc. -
To facilitate acoustic design, The Talaske Group utilizes state of the art technology including the use of CATT-Acoustic software.  We primarily use the software to predict the sound quality of large performance spaces such as Concert Halls, Opera Houses and Theatres before they are built.  Additionally, the software is used to evaluate and better understand the acoustics inside existing rooms before the design work for renovations commences. We also provide modeling and analysis services to other acoustic consultants who value our abilities to correctly construct the room models and accurately interpret the acoustic output.

We most recently utilized CATT-Acoustic during a design competition for a Concert Hall in China.  This particular Concert Hall design featured several elements meant to vary the room’s natural acoustics according to the requirements of different types of music.  For example, during performances of the large Pipe Organ, the Concert Hall will be acoustically coupled with additional room volume immediately adjacent to the Concert Hall.  This essentially increases the size of the Concert Hall and gives the Organ Music the full, reverberant sound of a European Cathedral!

- Concert Hall (acoustically coupled space not shown) -

We found that CATT-Acoustic accurately predicted the effects of acoustically coupled spaces.  The impulse responses showed the desired and dramatic double-slope decay with the change occurring around 750 milliseconds after the direct sound.  The quantitative parameters also accurately represented the double slope decay.  Early reverberation times (T-15) were short, late reverberation times (T-30) were long, and C80 values indicated excellent Clarity.

These conditions for Organ music, as well as different hall configurations more appropriate for Chamber Music, Orchestral Music and Speech, were also analyzed and auralized.  All of the results were recorded onto a Compact Disk so that the competition judges could actually listen to different types of music being played inside our acoustic design.

We have become more impressed with CATT-Acoustic with every new version and every completed project.  It has truly become a useful design tool for The Talaske Group.