Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757) harpsichord sonatas - close-recorded and enhanced
The recording was made on tape in 1968 by Roger E Cray and was recently digitaly remastered by Richard Campbell and enhaced using The FIReverb Suite™. The original recording of the Seymour Hayden performance in a studio was very dry and was made using a pair of AKG C12 condensers about 20 cm above the strings and 20 cm behind the damper pads.

Dick Campbell says: "I have been messing about in PureVerb with the harpsichord recordings and I have settled on a process which I find very pleasing to listen to. The high speed articulation of a Scarlatti sonata is not lost, yet there is a wonderful medium hall presence."

Scarlatti sonata K96
mp3 (2.6 MB)