ReflPhinder™ is a B-format (WXYZ) impulse response (IR) analysis and display software released Oct 2010:
ReflPhinder screenshots

ReflPhinder™ will run under either of the following two licenses:

1) A stand-alone ReflPhinder™ license (including 12 months free updates):
License type
Price including
12 month updates
Price 12 months
further updates
180  Euro *) 60 Euro *) *) For registered EU companies and purchases outside the EU the license can be purchased
, in all other cases 25% VAT is added.
540  Euro *)
180 Euro *)

Bundle option with GratisVolver Pro 15% off on both software.

To download and test during a 30-day trial period go to the download area

To purchase via wire-transfer or PayPal e-mail CATT     for instructions

2) A full CATT-Acoustic™ license:

ReflPhinder is included in normal updates, to update or upgrade your CATT-Acoustic™ contact CATT or your CATT distributor

If none of these conditions are met, ReflPhinder™ will run in limited demo mode only

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