Carling CD cover Gunhild Carling and Her Swing Band
That's My Desire (1 CD)
Producer/Engineer: Johan Blomé

Recording enhanced by The FIReverb Suite™

Gunhild Carling is a jazz artist of the old breed, combining extraordinary skills on trumpet and trombone with vaudeville stunts. In her playing she shows heavy influences from Bix and Louie Armstrong as well as Billie Holiday.
The songs are chosen from the classical swing reportoire with well known songs like “Sheik Of Araby” but also less performed numbers.
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Short mp3 samples from track 3, "Do the Hucklebuck",
before and after FIReverb treatment:

mp3 sample before treatment Before
mp3 sample after treatment

For those interested in actual recording and post-processing/mixing details of this record, download this PDF: Carling.PDF.